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Green Benefit Calc For VM'ing Your Data Center

Just how much CO2 is offset by virtualizing your servers? Oriel, an Aussie VMware partner, offers a calculator that explicitly shows the benefit to the planet for P-to-V conversions.
I stumbled across a reference to Oriel's site on WindowsITPro while researching channel vendors this past week, and I've been straddling the fence for posting this bit. It's now late on Saturday; I know deep down I won't be able to sleep tonight without sharing.

A bit of jiggling with the Flash-based tool yields roughly 13 to 1 as a baseline for consolidation numbers. Good so far? I haven't vetted Oriel's calculations. I'm not sure I really want to; on a tangentially connected point, the site includes relevant animation. Of cows and trees...

Who knew that each u of my rack was creating the equivalent of 12.5 tons of carbon dioxide? According to the calculator, assuming power consumption drawn by a standard 2 CPU server, "virtualising" 45 of my enterprise servers would save the world 506 tons of emitted CO2 per year.

This sounds nice, but recognizing how few of us can readily visualize a ton of CO2, Oriel has thoughtfully included reference examples:

Taking 45 servers P-to-V yields 506 tons of CO2 saved.

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