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Gravy for the Data Center

With just a few days to go before Thanksgiving, I'm already thinking about the big meal. Actually, I could care less about the veggies and sides -- turkey isn't even all that interesting. It's the gravy I'm after -- it's the something extra that makes sitting down to eat that much more of an event.

We've unveiled a little something extra here at Byte and Switch this week, but unfortunately, it's not something you can ladle on your potatoes or poultry. Take a look at Proving Ground, a newly added feature where we'll offer product reviews and comparisons, coutesy of our colleagues at sister publication Network Computing.

We'll be featuring their reviews, lab tests and product comparisons of storage hardware and software in coming months, all as a way to help you with your own buying decisions.

In this first installment of Proving Ground, NWC's Lori MacVittie plays with Kazeon's IS1200, a storage-crawling appliance that delivers a handy inventory of all your NIFS and CFS files' metadata. She likes its automated features and organizational abilities well enough; click your way over to her review to see where the appliance falls a little short.

Got ideas for specific products or technologies we should be looking at? Hit me here with your suggestions.

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