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GoToMyPC Corporate 5.0

Citrix GoToMyPC, an Internet-based, hosted screen-sharing application, differs from most remote-control programs in that it lets you traverse firewalls and NAT (network address translation) devices without the need to set up VPNs, which are sometimes blocked on hotel, Wi-Fi or guest networks. Originally designed for a single user to access one PC, the corporate edition includes access-control capabilities, user and group support and tiered administration. I looked at the Corporate 5.0 release, which touts better performance, an improved end-user interface, and drag-and-drop file transfers.

Communication is handled over HTTP or HTTPS, with GoToMyPC acting as an intermediary. Hosts--the machines that are to be controlled remotely--will make periodic connections to the GoToMyPC service, checking for new remote-control session requests. A host does not accept direct incoming connections. This approach enables GoToMyPC to get around firewalls and proxies without the need for VPNs--convenient, but with a security downside. To compensate, Citrix offers a free service for limiting the use of the product to approved users and even features. You also could configure your firewall to block the IP addresses or DNS names that GoToMyPC uses.

Administrators and users both go to the GoToMyPC web site for access. Administrators, upon logging in, are presented with a choice of remotely accessing PCs or going to the user and PC administration site, where they can manage and grant capabilities to users, administrators and PCs. To create users of the GoToMyPC service, the administrator need only input their e-mail address. A message is then sent to the user, with a hyperlink to follow. The user creates his password, and the service becomes available to him.


• Simple interface and usage
• Detailed reporting
• Multiplatform viewer software

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