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Is Google Squashing An Ex-Googler Blog?

The Xooglers blog, run by ex-Googlers who offer insiders' looks into the Googleplex, has gone quiet because Google's legal team has asked them to hold their tongues.
In a recent entry, Ron Garret says, "The reason Ive been quiet on xooglers is that Google legal has asked to talk to me about it (no big deal I am assured) and weve been having trouble making contact."

I hope Garret is right, and it really is "no big deal." Google, after all, claims to be all about the free exchange of information. Shutting down a blog would certainly go against that --- especially because the blog isn't particularly controversial, and doesn't go after Google in any big way.

We'll have to wait and see about this one. For now, I'll assume it's a misunderstanding. After all, Google is the do-no-evil company, isn't it?