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Google IPO in Doubt

Looks like Google may not be able to afford those 1.35 billion cokes, after all (see Tracking Google's IT Booty).

The search engine, which recently filed for an IPO, is running into trouble with the public offering, based on a new legal complication -- and a general lack of interest from investors, according to multiple sources around the investment community.

Google officials declined to comment for this story.

After all the hype and planning, is it possible that the Google IPO could become... ungoogled?

"It wouldn't surprise me," says Jay Somaney, of Plano, Texas-based TSG Capital. "I spoke to four different brokers. Nobody in their offices are writing retail tickets," he notes, meaning there has been little interest from the retail comunity to bid on the IPO. The brokerages he's referring to include Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs & Co.

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