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Gomez's Performance Network 6.0

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GPN always has its stopwatch in hand, collecting data regarding times for connection, DNS lookup, first byte, SSL layer and content download. In fact, data is collected on every object on every page tested. Checks are performed from strategically placed monitoring engines found on 60 Internet backbone points of presence and 8,000 broadband and dial-up sites around the world. Performance data collected is displayed centrally in the form of Web views and e-mail reports.

GPN has improved its diagnostic capabilities by holding onto the HTML that precedes an error--it backtracks to see what happened prior to an error. Also new: Gomez's proprietary agent can be placed on the private side of your network. And GPN 6.0 comes with a performance dashboard for real-time monitoring.

Dynamic Dashboard

I hooked up GPN by linking to the product from the Gomez Web site. The dashboard's real-time, online performance display is a significant improvement. In the old days, when a performance threshold was crossed, you received an e-mail message with a link to the Web site, and only after logging in could you see the details. Now, besides the e-mail, you have an always-available display.

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