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God Goes Down to the Crossroads

Crossroads Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CRDS) took the wraps off an ambitious multiprotocol storage router this week.

Its Storage Router 8000 product supports Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Infiniband networks, plus whatever else comes along,” says Rich Lautzenheiser, VP of marketing at Crossroads.

The question is whether by trying to cram so many features into the device, Crossroads has built a "God box" (networking parlance for a device that supports many functions, but pays a performance penalty in doing so).

The optical networking industry saw a spate of God-box announcements last year -- none of which met with much success (see God is Dead). Alidian Networks Inc., Astral Point Communications Inc., Geyser Networks Inc., and Mayan Networks Inc. each got in a bit of a mess trying to offer multiprotocol devices, and most of them are now struggling to stay afloat.

So will this approach fare bettter in the storage networking market? Crossroads certainly thinks so.

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