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Gigamon Visualizes Virtualization Traffic

As more network services are virtualized, the task of managing such a network can be difficult. Indeed, the Interop trade show has become a bit of a stage for launching and demonstrating products that help solve that challenge.

Gigamon makes modular hardware technology that examines traffic in-line, based on administrator-defined parameters (from servers down to the applications), and spits that data out to a variety of traffic management tools--intrusion detection systems, application monitors, and so on--where more specific analysis takes place.

At Interop, Gigamon announced GigaVUE-VM, so administrators can look at the same traffic flows, but this time between virtual machines--again, setup and defined down to the application (including custom applications). GigaVUE-VM supports VMware's vMotion, so it continues to collect the traffic, even as virtual machines move.

By the way, the new technology supports only VMware at this point, but GigaVUE-VM will support more hypervisors in due time.

For a deeper look at GigaVUE-VM's architecture, and a demonstration of how it works, watch the video embedded below.