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The Getting of WysDM

Any business would like to be known for its wisdom. Starting Tuesday, one storage software company will be known as WysDM.

New York-based startup SysDM Inc., is changing its name to WysDM Software Inc. in hopes of creating better brand recognition. WysDM is the brand name of the backup monitoring and reporting software the company has shipped since 2003 (see SysDM Analyzes Backup Reports and SysDM Announces V2.1).

Its probably no surprise the company has had trouble getting recognized. It’s funded by its founders, with no venture capitalists to bang the drum for it. It sells software in a market still in its infancy. And, as their choice of company name indicates, the startup is run by engineers rather than marketing folks.

“I can assure you we won’t be stealthy from here on out,” CEO Alan Atkinson says. “We’ve been trying to build a company, product, and installed base before we started making a lot of noise.”

Atkinson was among a group of Goldman Sachs & Co.

IT vets who started SysDM in 2001. Atkinson was Goldman’s IT VP and founded its storage and capacity management group before leaving in 2000 to join StorageNetworks, the storage service provider that crashed in 2003 (see StorageNetworks Succumbs). “I got out before it hit the ground,” says Atkinson, who left in 2001 to start SysDM with three other former Goldman techies -- COO Tim Tokarsky, CTO Jim McDonald, and VP of product development Mark Lonsdale.

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