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Geeks Illustrated

Many of these gadgets fall outside our typical technology coverage areas--they're more "consumer," less "professional." But that doesn't mean you're not drooling over them too. So we came up with a compromise: We decided to devote this issue's cover story to test reports on geeky gear that has some enterprise-related justification. The hard drive in iRiver's PMP-120 media player can be used to back up business documents, for example, and the speedy processor in Hewlett-Packard's IPaq PDA can boost staff productivity.

Read On, Geek!

We compiled a list of 12 candidates, and divided them into two categories: "Gratifying Gadgets" and "For Geeks on the Go." Then we subjected each product to a battery of hands-on tests in our Real-World Labs®, just as we do with switches, wireless LANs, voice over IP systems, firewalls, Web performance tools and the other enterprise products we cover. Based on our findings, we scored each product on a scale of 1 to 5 for both coolness and value.

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