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Gates On Ozzie: He's Always Been With Us

One year after Microsoft acquired Ray Ozzie and his Groove Networks, Bill Gates said Ozzie, who is charged with reinvigorating the software colossus' technology, is fitting in very well because in a way Ozzie was always connected to Microsoft.

"Ray has never really been an outsider," said Gates, noting that Ozzie worked on Microsoft projects as an outside developer. "Even when he was developing (Lotus) Notes, he was helping us improve Windows. Moreover, Ray is super well-respected inside Microsoft, just as he is throughout the industry." Gates' interview comments on Ozzie were published Monday in the Boston Globe.

Gates praised Ozzie's "scenario-based approach to the development of software and services," adding that Microsoft developers have responded well to Ozzie's approach.

Gates also discussed his longtime history with Ozzie, who is leading a bicoastal work schedule commuting between the Groove Networks facility in suburban Boston and Microsoft headquarters in Seattle.

The two have been in touch since the early 1980s, two ace software developers mutually admiring each other's work. "I had said to Steve (Microsoft CEO Ballmer) for a long time that Ray was the best guy in the industry who didn't work for us. And Steve would always respond, 'Well, let's get him.'"

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