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Full Nelson: Cisco's Nexus -- Because They Can

Last century when Cisco started buying companies like an Orange County Housewife with a Platinum card in Silicon factory, the fool-proof way to sniff out the acquisition's purpose was to start with the assumption that Cisco believed the acquired company would help it sell more routers.
Crescendo-cum-Kalpana-cum-Grand Junction-cum-Arrowpoint-cum-Andiamo...somewhere along the way Cisco's bread got more butter from switch ports, but the goal behind even a new product launch is still as transparent. Cisco's brand-new Nexus 7000, a big, honkin' data center switch that unifies Ethernet and Fibre Channel onto one platform, is about everything relevant to the data center and then some. And for the love of Ethernet, it may make those Catalyst switches we've become so attached to all the more relevant and useful.

For those interested in an in-depth analysis of the Nexus 7000, our feature story awaits. For those interested in predictions about what Cisco is calling its biggest enterprise product launch in 15 years, the future awaits.

Storage, Ethernet, virtualization, some security; it's all there in one box, up to 15 Tbps capacity and expected to grow with 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps support in future versions. Blink and it's downloaded the Wikipedia database; 90,000 Netflix movies in 38.4 seconds; Cisco even promises to speed up the Barry Bonds proceedings (just wanted to make sure you were still reading).

Price tag: Starts at $75,000. Senior VP Jayshree Ullal, in perhaps the understatement of the week said, in response to a question about who this product is for: "It's definitely for people with a budget." That's not all. You'll still have to load balance, add wireless and switch applications and for that you'll still need your Catalysts.

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