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Fujifilm Sets Up Satellite Tape Tracking

Fujifilm claims to have pioneered a way to avoid the trauma of lost media, teaming up with defense specialist QinetiQ to build a GPS-based tracking system for tape cartridges.

The Tape Tracker solution is a essentially a tape cartridge with the tape stripped out and replaced with a GPS receiver and cellular transmitter. By placing this device into a carrying case alongside other 'real' cartridges, users can keep track of the case's movements, according to Fujifilm.

"Lost tapes are typically lost in transit," explains Rich Gadomski, vice president of marketing for the vendor's recording media division. "This is a way for the data center manager to keep track of those assets."

The technology could also let firms keep an eye on data when it passes into the hands of disaster recovery firms such as Iron Mountain, which was recently accused of losing Social Security numbers and other data on thousands of Louisiana college students.

Fujifilm and QinetiQ are certainly going to new lengths in an attempt to prevent this type of incident. The Tape Tracker's receiver captures a GPS signal from a satellite and then transmits the cartridge's location to the Internet via the cellular phone network.

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