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FUDBusters: Red Hat Provisioning Tools

FUDBust: Red Hat's release of a Provisioning Module at LinuxWorld may mark the official arrival of the company as an enterprise citizen. Sold as part of the Red Hat Network, the module automates server management, dynamically deploying and cataloging configurations for multiple installs. For less than $200 per server per year, admins can clone server config images and roll them back to a previous state.

The bigger picture takes Red Hat into production-change control, making it possible to execute documented and retractable procedures.

This module speaks to installing and maintaining servers--one element of on-demand computing. However, it doesn't pretend to allocate system resources dynamically.

Someday, Red Hat or its partners will go the distance in line with the Red Hat Network architecture. Until then, rest assured that at least your Linux servers will be easier to maintain.

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