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FUDBusters: Apple Upgrades its Enterprise line

FUDBust: Just as in the past, Apple won't receive a warm reception in corporate IT. It's true that Apple's enterprise equipment keeps getting better and more price-competitive, but the vendor won't make major inroads into enterprise data centers this year. Apple blew it in the late '90s with a complete lack of high-end equipment. Now it must slowly recover from that error with small victories.

Mac shops were the first to buy XServes. Universities and research facilities are now looking into XServe/Xgrid combos. However, when it comes to businesses, I suspect the best place for Apple would be at the departmental level and with small and midsize businesses.

Until Apple switches to x86 processors/motherboards--and heaven hope it never does--Intel-based or Sun servers will rule the data center. I say just let them have it, and focus on consumer and midsize server systems.

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