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Foundry Fortifies Layers 4-7

Foundry Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: FDRY) today launched a set of Layers 4-7 products aimed at forging a lead in the high end of that market, with an additional emphasis on security.

The stars of the pack are two new chassis-based boxes, the four-slot ServerIron 450 and eight-slot ServerIron 850. Each can be outfitted with 10-Gbit/s Ethernet ports and can fit increased numbers of Gigabit Ethernet ports -- up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 48 10/100 Ethernet ports per slot.

This doubles the Gigabit Ethernet density of the ServerIron family, a step Foundry sees as important due to the increased acceptance of Gigabit Ethernet in the enterprise. "More and more server farms are gig-connected today," says Gopala Tunuluri, Foundry's product line manager for multilayer switching.

Foundry counts size among its advantages, claiming to have the only chassis-level system dedicated to Layers 4-7 processing. "These are not switches that were originally developed for Layer 2-3 switching with a blade that slides in to support Layer 4-7," Tunuluri says.

Foundry is also releasing the ServerIron GT family of fixed-configuration stackable devices, 1.5 rack units high, in four- or 12-port Gigabit Ethernet formats. The GT boxes and the new chassis systems all run on a new version of Foundry's homespun network processor.

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