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Five (or so) Funniest things I heard at N+I

Okay, so N+I isn't a storage show. With SNW and SD sandwiching it in, there weren't a lot of storage vendors there other than the ones we invited to the Well Connected Awards ceremony. Thus, I only got a few good tidbits out of the show to share with you here. Most of these fall into the "overheard" category even.
6. "No, THIS is the easiest storage to configure"
Topic of an email I received while at N+I, offering to let me review someone's product. Good hook line, it made me read the entire email ;-).
5. Scrunched face "Do you really think there is benefit to WAFS, or are those customers doing this stuff already?"
Yes, those customers are dealing with it already, but couldn't this exact same argument have been made about PCs and the Mainframe? Oh wait, it was.

4. "What do you think of this iSCSI thing?"
This person was at the WCA awards, where an iSCSI product by EqualLogic won our Storage Product of the year. It's not going away, that's what I think, and you'd better learn enough not to call it 'this iSCSI thing'.

3. "We use UDP, then wait for an ACK. There's 25% less overhead in UDP."
How much of that 25% overhead is in waiting for ACKs? They did go on to convince me that in their case there are other benefits of re-creating TCP ack sequences, but this struck me as funny.
2. "Microsoft is finally solving the 'Blue Screen of Death' problem, they're changing the color to green.
One of the members of NPA said that while we were judging BOI. Hopefully it was a joke.
1. "When it comes down to it, users are idiots."
When getting on an elevator and talking into your cell phone, you should probably look around at who is on the elevator before making a remark like that. Most of us have thought it, many of us have said it, but in public? Not a good plan.