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Five Issues When Making a Fibre Channel Purchase

Fibre Channel products based on the faster 8-Gbps standard have been slowly making their way into the marketplace. While other networking technologies experienced a downturn recently, Fibre Channel has seen revenue increases, largely due to the delivery of the new higher speed option. As companies deploy new technologies, they often grapple with various issues. In recognition of that, here are five items to think about as your company examines this emerging communication option.

Virtualization Drives Fibre Channel Growth

Virtualization has become popular in companies of all sizes -- small, medium and large. Rather than add server after server to a data center, virtualization enables a company to "chop up" one of its system into a number of virtual autonomous devices. The key benefit is a company does not have to buy and manage as many physical devices.

However, the popularity of this technology has had a ripple effect in the storage market. Companies want to push larger volumes of information over their storage system links and need faster connections. As a result, 8-Gbps FC products represent a fast growing segment in the storage networking marketplace.

Bottlenecks Limit True Throughput

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