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FarStone Supports Intel

SAN FRANCISCO -- FarStone Technology, Inc. today announced at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) their active participation in the Intel Software Partner Program by offering continued support for the latest Intel multi-core and Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)-enabled vPro systems, with new versions of their popular brand of disk imaging software, DriveClone. Intel’s AMT is designed for IT managers to efficiently manage their networked computing assets, using a combination of built-in platform capabilities, third-party management and security applications. Exhibiting at the Intel Pro Zone booth at IDF, FarStone showcases two distinct solutions for Intel systems: DriveClone Network and DriveClone Pro System Recovery (SR).

DriveClone Network was designed with the small to mid-size business network in mind, providing easy monitoring and manageability of workstations and servers for backup and recovery operations. Intel AMT-enabled solutions allow IT managers to “discover, heal, and protect” the networked systems. DriveClone Network supports these functions by providing both a network administrator’s console and client agents for workstations and servers. System status information can be quickly discovered and displayed remotely, and license management can be used to add or remove systems.

IT managers can set up multiple image-based backup jobs for client systems as well as multiple schedules for recording sector-level snapshots to protect the network assets. Then, when system problems or data loss occurs, the IT manager can remotely restore one or multiple systems to quickly “undo” the problem. DriveClone Network is designed for use by business IT departments and managed service providers.

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