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FalconStor Plots De-Dupe Debut

FalconStor, a virtual tape library (VTL) vendor that has remained silent on data de-duplication, is getting ready to jump into the game and, in fact, might leapfrog some of its louder competitors.

Although FalconsStor was among the first to offer VTL software and sells it through OEM deals with some of the biggest names in the industry, it was late to data de-duplication, but while other companies have made overtures -- they haven't delivered products yet.

Sources say FalconStor has been quietly beta testing a data de-duplication module for its IPStor software. CEO ReiJane Huai won't give much detail but says he expects to ship it within a few months, certainly by the end of the year. Huai says FalconStor will handle block- and file-based de-duplication.

"There's no formal announcement yet, but we're about to roll out our single instance repository in the next couple of months," Huai says. "It can work with any VTL or disk-to-disk system on the market today. It can also work with any file-based archiving system. We will perform compression, encryption, and WORM-based services."

Also known as single-instance storage and commonality factoring, data de-duplication reduces the amount of data being backed up or replicated by eliminating copies of files and repeated data blocks within files. The idea is to improve performance and decrease consumption by reducing the amount of data that is moved.

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