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Exinda Intros 7800 Appliance

BOSTON -- Exinda Networks, a leading provider of wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions, today introduced its new Exinda 7800 appliance, a robust solution that addresses poor application performance between data centers and branch offices. The Exinda 7800 helps companies reduce file transfer times for server consolidation, disaster recovery planning and data storage initiatives. It helps companies gain the maximum benefit from their investment in high speed WAN links and eliminates the need for expensive bandwidth upgrades. Furthermore, it helps keep employees productive by minimizing the time waiting for applications to respond by classifying, prioritizing and accelerating applications and controlling recreational Internet traffic.

Exinda 7800 - Designed for High Performance and Reliability

The Exinda 7800 accelerates traffic at 155 Mbps full duplex. It also provides high speed WAN optimization and monitoring throughput at up to 1 Gigabits/second. The Exinda 7800 has broad storage capacity for caching repetitive WAN traffic and capturing application monitoring data. Its RAID 1.5TB disk storage offers a broad capacity for storing data and ensures that cached and monitoring data will not be lost. The appliance also has redundant power supplies for added reliability. The appliance can be easily installed in 12-15 simple steps and uses stream-based caching, which is part of Exindas new v5.0 firmware, to greatly reduce repetitive WAN traffic. The Exinda 7800 is priced 25-40 percent lower than comparable solutions from other vendors.

“The Exinda 7800 is a great, new alternative for mid-sized enterprises looking to enhance application delivery at the data center,” said Con Nikolouzakis, chief executive officer of Exinda Networks. “We’ve built high performance and reliability into the appliance per our customers’ requirements and offer it at a price point that fits their IT budget.”

Exinda Networks