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Stealth-mode software startup EverGrid is about to emerge with a virtualization product it claims will make more efficient use of hardware than existing virtualization offerings from the likes of VMWare.

The company recently gave Byte & Switch a peek into its plans, which the company will officially reveal at the SC'06 supercomputing show in Tampa, Fla., next week. "This is data center infrastructure software that people will run on clusters and arrays," explains Dave Anderson, the EverGrid CEO.

In a nutshell, EverGrid's software offers an alternative to existing hypervisor software products from the likes of VMware and XenSource. Unlike hypervisors, the software virtualizes the application, as opposed to the operating system, to enable the servers to run simultaneously in a virtual network.

By positioning its software between the application and the operating system, instead of between operating system and hardware, EverGrid claims to avoid the performance constraints of a hypervisor, which can slow down processors as it handles different virtualization tasks. (See VMware Unveils New Suite and Xen & the Art of Virtualization.)

EverGrid's Anderson claims that that hypervisors can impact processor performance by up to 40 percent. On the other hand, he says EverGrid's software will only affect hardware performance by a maximum of 5 percent.

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