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Ever Advancing...

So we're gearing up for a couple of major reviews in the storage part of the Green Bay Lab, thought I'd let you know so you can let us know if there's anything specific you want us to find out.
- Steve Hill, intrepid freelancer who lives in the lab, is starting up a high-end iSCSI review. Enterprise-class, high volume, redundant, iSCSI devices. He has a pretty good head start on the gear, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he finds out.
- I'm gearing up on an Intelligen FC Switching review. Good stuff, I've already learned a ton, and I only have one product in the lab so far. I'll blog more about it as testing progresses. Some of the invitees are appliances, some are 'routers', some are switches, some are solutions including storage, but all of the vendors claim they move intelligence into the fabric. Fun stuff. So far, the biggest issue has been scrounging 4 Gigabit gear to test 4 Gig switches with. This review isn't about 4 Gig, but if the gear supports it, I have to look at it.
Back to Networld+Interop, where I'm doing a lot, but nothing I can really blog about until they're announced. Best of Interop judging is the big one.