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EqualLogic Tops Offs SAS Series

EqualLogic is determined to show that iSCSI SAS is as good, or better, than Fibre Channel. Six months after launching its first SAS-based products, the vendor has unveiled the PS3900XV, representing a new high end in its product line.

The PS3900XV, which will ship March 12, supports 4.8 Tbytes of capacity in 300-Gbyte SAS disks that spin at 15,000 rpm -- the speed of Fibre Channel disks. It's the third in the vendor's series of PS3900 products, which includes the 4.8-Tbyte PS3600X, equipped with 10,000-rpm SAS; and the PS3800XV, which also supports 15,000-rpm drives but tops out at 2.3 Tbytes of capacity. (See EqualLogic Mixes SAS, iSCSI.)

"This system is clearly positioned for intense database-type applications," says EqualLogic marketing VP John Joseph. He sees the PS3900XV at home in Oracle, SQL, and VMware applications. And he claims it can outperform FC-based arrays from EMC, HP, and NetApp.

For now, EqualLogic's claims for drive speed and efficiency lack any independent verification. But at least one customer is pleased. Alan J. Hunt, operations manager at Dickinson Wright PLLC, a Detroit-based law firm, says it's no longer necessary to give up capacity for performance, since EqualLogic's new SAS systems are based on larger drives.

Hunt, whose network holds roughly 70 Tbytes of raw data, has been using EqualLogic SAS arrays for several months for important client data and disk-to-disk multisite backup. And he's not the least bit interested in Fibre Channel.

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