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Emulex Unveils Platform

HANNOVER, Germany -- Emulex Corporation (NYSE:ELX) today announced the new Model 765 Intelligent Services Platform that provides hardware acceleration for SAN-based storage management applications and services. The Model 765 platform is a 1U system with four Fibre Channel ports, which is based on Emulex's award winning AV150 Intelligent Storage Processor. Emulex Model 765 is available now for OEMs to test and qualify as a fabric-based platform for storage management and advanced data protection services. The Model
765 Intelligent Services Platform's split-path architecture enables a wide range of emerging SAN-based applications including storage virtualization, replication, continuous data protection and VTL applications.

Emulex Model 765 is capable of supporting up to 1.2M IOPS and 1400MB/s of aggregate throughput. This high level of functional integration provides OEMs with industry-leading performance at an unprecedented price. Further, support for N_port connectivity on the platform enables interoperability with existing SAN fabric and thus leverages investments in current infrastructure.

"By their very nature, centralized deployments, fabric based storage applications and services tend to demand the highest levels of performance and scalability. The Model 765 platform was built from the ground up to address these requirements. The maturity of Emulex software APIs provides functionality and flexibility to OEMs by reducing the time required for integrating the platform with various applications," said Taufik Ma, vice president of marketing, Intelligent Network Products, Emulex Corporation. "The combination of a 20Gb/s processing engine, unique data streaming architecture and high integration provides a future-proof solution that supports advanced functionality for storage virtualization applications while protecting end-user investments."

Emulex Corp.