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EMC's Power Play

EMC made its first move to tackle electrical power challenges today, although the vendor may encounter resistance from users looking for technologies that can address both their server and storage energy concerns. (See EMC Intros Tools.)

Users are certainly feeling the power pressure at the moment. Storage managers at the recent SNW show in Orlando, for example, voiced their concerns about the power demands of their growing storage infrastructures. (See Power Problems Plague Users and Summer Storage Survival.)

EMC's offerings include Energy Efficiency Services, a set of assessment and planning services designed to boost energy efficiency in their data centers, and PowerCalculator, a software tool for modeling the power impact of future storage deployments.

One defense contractor has already identified $4.5 million in power and cooling savings by using Energy Efficiency Services, according to Barbara Robidoux, EMC's vice president of storage platforms product marketing, although she would not say who the customer is.

The savings, according to the exec, came largely from server and storage consolidation and a reduction in the contractor's floorspace. "That's enough savings to power up a string of lights from New York to Pittsburgh," she tells Byte and Switch.

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