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EMC Widens CAS Pool

EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) is jumping into the virtual pool for its Centera content addressed storage (CAS) system, reflecting greater competition in the CAS space as well as a change in the way customers use the archiving box.

EMC today announced software upgrades that will let customers treat data in different applications as separate pools, while also expanding its replication capabilities for Centera.

Sean Lanagan, director of emerging products at EMC, says most customers originally ran only one application on a Centera system, but eventually started running multiple apps. The problem is, Centera treats all applications the same -- so if a company wants to replicate or search data in one application, it has to do the same for all applications in the archive. This consumes time. And organizations often want to treat data in different applications differently for security reasons.

EMC's new software includes up to 180 virtual pool licenses, each supporting a separate application. Besides moving data within one specific application, customers can search and retrieve data for one application at a time for quicker searches, and they can use Centeras chargeback software on an application-by-application basis.

EMC also changed Centera’s replication capabilities. It previously supported only one-to-one replication between two systems. The new software allows replication to multiple sites from a central archive, or chaining three or more systems to replicate data from one to the next.

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