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EMC Unveils TaskSpace

ORLANDO, Fla. -- EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, is driving innovation in the transactional content management (TCM) market through its introduction today of EMC Documentum® TaskSpace - a highly configurable, new user interface for the next generation Documentum 6 enterprise content management (ECM) platform. TaskSpace is designed for high-volume, content-rich task processing, providing sophisticated capture and business process management (BPM) capabilities. A user experience built specifically for managing transactional based content and processes, TaskSpace enables organizations to streamline transactional business processes and improve end user productivity.

Transactional content often originates outside an organization and drives internal, back-office transactions (such as invoice processing, insurance claims processing or loan origination). Organizations require insight into both the content and the transaction it drives, and must optimize associated processes for greater efficiency and employee productivity. Transactional processes often directly translate into financial impact, so optimization significantly impacts an organization's top and bottom line. Historically, development and deployment of client interfaces for transactional business processes required significant amounts of customization, time, money and IT resources. TaskSpace provides an out-of-the–box, highly-configurable solution to support a wide range of transactional-based business processes without complex and costly programming effort.

As part of the new Documentum 6 ECM platform, TaskSpace draws upon the technologies gained through EMC's strategic acquisitions in the TCM space, enabling organizations to leverage content within the unified Documentum repository and providing an end user experience that better serves the unique needs of workers dealing with transactional processes. By combining the business process automation capabilities of the EMC Documentum Process Suite and EMC Captiva® software for advanced document imaging, with the robust archiving, enterprise report management (ERM) and compliance capabilities of the Documentum platform, EMC now provides organizations with a holistic, end-to-end view of their entire business processes, for managing and streamlining both transactional content and business processes.

TaskSpace was designed, in part, by taking into consideration a significant amount of feedback from customers and partners. Booz Allen Hamilton, a global technology consulting firm, is participating in a design program that provides feedback into the development of EMC's transactional content management products. The firm plans to leverage TaskSpace and EMC's other existing transactional content management solutions and expose these concepts to their clients.

"With EMC's delivery of transactional content management solutions, including TaskSpace, we will be able to work within our clients' information infrastructures to develop and deploy transactional content management solutions faster." said Paul Baliff, Senior Associate at Booz Allen.

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