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EMC Tops Off Its Symmetrix Line

EMC topped off its high-end Symmetrix line of storage devices on Monday and at the same time unveiled powerful data migration software solutions to move massive stores of information.

The Symmetrix DMX-3 is targeted at users needing storage for massive amounts of information that must be rapidly accessed. Pricing begins at $250,000 and can run into millions of dollars for a particularly powerful configuration. A high-end configuration can scale to one petabyte (1,024 terabytes), EMC said.

The storage company also announced two new data migration solutions, a joint EMC-Softek software product and a homegrown EMC solution called Open Migrator/LM software that moves data between heterogeneous storage systems.

The EMC-Softek Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF) moves data sets online while automatically updating catalog information, recording the changes made. “Applications remain online during the conversion process,” said Softek executive Amena Ali in a statement. “This reduces the potential for costly outages.”

EMC’s Tom Joyce, vice president of platforms marketing, added in a statement: “When combined with EMC’s new Symmetrix DMX-3 Series storage systems, EMC/Softek LDMF will help our customers minimize the operational disruption of migrating information and allow them to quickly and efficiently leverage the cost benefits of massive consolidation and tiered storage within the array.”

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