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EMC Remains VMwary

NEW ORLEANS -- EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) isn't rushing to integrate VMware into its storage products.

At the official launch of the company's Invista storage virtualization product here, EMC executives say VMware will remain at an arms length from EMC storage products, both from a technology and business standpoint.

While server virtualization can require more capacity and virtualization on the storage side, the technologies remain distinct. VMware software partitions Intel-based servers into separate virtual machines that run applications separately. Storage virtualization pools data to make it easier to manage.

Still, when EMC acquired VMware in December of 2003, the expectation was that it would eventually integrate server virtualization into its storage products (see EMC Gobbles VMware). EMC has not met that expectation.

This doesn't mean EMC isn't high on VMware. CEO Joe Tucci kicked off EMC’s annual Tech Summit on Monday by singing the praises of server virtualization (see EMC Unveils Invista). Tucci pointed out that VMware generated $218 million in revenue last year, and said he expected a run rate of nearly $400 million in 2005 after a strong first quarter (see EMC Growth Continues).

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