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EMC Gets Things Together

So we recently ran a review of high-end iSCSI products in which the device EMC submitted, with the servers we were running, had performance problems that they were not seeing reported in the field.
Steven Hill, the author of the piece, worked with them for long hours, running a risk of making his review late, but to no avail.

So we loaned them one of the servers we were testing with because it was in your best interests to help them resolve this problem before it did show up in one of your data centers.

EMC notified us this week that they have discovered the problem, and that it was only reproducable with our white box server.

Now I have to tell you that we haven't tested this solution, but EMC gains nothing by telling us the problem has been fixed if it has not.

The official statement from EMC says:
"Since Network Computing completed the test last Spring, EMC has since made the product generally available. As the result of extensive testing by Network Computing and EMC, the iometer issue experienced during testing has been resolved. Users are advised to reference EMC's support matrix to ensure system and component compatibility."

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