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EMC Focuses enVision

EMC has stepped up its efforts around security event management (SEM), attempting to pull security data from a slew of different hardware and software offerings. (See RSA, EMC Integrate.)

The market for security event management (SEM), or security information manamagement (SIM), as it is also known, is growing, thanks to the recent explosion in compliance regulations, both in the U.S. and overseas. (See Vendors Strike SIM Note and Germany Goes Data Crazy.)

Sarbanes Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) were just the first in a series of regulations forcing CIOs to come to grips with a bewildering array of audit logs and security reports. (See Users Splash Cash on SOX, Research Finds HIPAA Ineffective, In Other Words, Lying, EU Compliance Looms for Stateside IT, and Top Tips for Compliance .)

In an attempt to tap into this trend, EMC has overhauled its enVision product, which became part of the vendor's RSA division after the storage giant bought Network Intelligence last year. (See EMC Pockets Network Intelligence, EMC Acquires RSA, and EnVision Proven Functional.)

In a nutshell, enVision consists of monitoring software running on a Windows server, which trawls through logs and reports sent from different parts of the data center.

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