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EMC Enters the Matrix

Somebody call Keanu Reeves! EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) is gearing up for the launch of its next-generation Symmetrix next week around the theme of The Matrix -- the central feature of the system's new architecture.

The new Symmetrix family, dubbed DMX, will be positioned as offering unmatched scalability of performance. Known internally as Symmetrix 6, the DMX line uses a proprietary switched-loop architecture that EMC calls "the matrix." According to several sources, EMC says the matrix architecture provides "any-to-any" internal connectivity, with a maximum throughput of 64 GByte/s and a total of 32 concurrent I/Os possible.

"It will not be a bus or switch architecture -- it's a new design that EMC has developed," says one company insider, who requested anonymity. "It will have somewhere in the range of 64 GByte/s total bandwidth on the highest-end box."

EMC declined to comment until it announces the product on February 3 at a launch event in New York.

If its matrix architecture can actually deliver that throughput, the Symmetrix DMX would utterly shatter the top performance offered by the current leader, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)'s Lightning 9980V, which provides a maximum of 10.6 GByte/s "user-usable bandwidth."

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