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EMC to Buy Rainfinity

EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) will acquire file virtualization vendor Rainfinity by the end of this month (see EMC to Acquire Rainfinity ).

EMC values the acquisition at "less than $100 million," and it's swallowing Rainfinity whole. For now, all of Rainfinity's roughly 60 employees will continue to work at their San Jose, Calif., headquarters. Though Rainfinity will come under the rule of EMC EVP Howard Elias, Rainfinity CEO John Schroeder will stay in charge, albeit under a new, as yet unannounced, title.

Schroeder says Rainfinity has about 50 customers. Its funding total is undisclosed, but he acknowledges there was at least $45 million by 2001. "That early funding gave us the operating capital to bring us to our present level of success," he says.

Rainfinity is one of a handful of vendors using global namespace and virtualization to manage files in multiple NAS boxes as though they were part of a one big NAS filer. Competitors include Acopia Networks Inc., NeoPath Networks, and NuView Inc.

Rainfinity boasts a range of features, some of which are shared by competitors, including the ability to manage files across Linux, Unix, and Windows; file management across multiple sites; and read/write access during system migrations.

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