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Electric Cloud Announces Support For Building And Testing Software In The Public Cloud

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric Cloud the leading provider of Software Production Management solutions, announced the extension of its offerings to the public cloud. For the first time, it is possible for software developers to automate and accelerate the software production process on physical, virtual or public cloud computing resources.

The company's ElectricCommander software production automation solution now features an integration with the Amazon Web Services(TM) platform. This allows ElectricCommander to dynamically manage computing resources running in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), in addition to or instead of running on in-house resources. Further, Electric Cloud's full product line is now validated to run entirely on the Amazon Web Services platform.

"Electric Cloud is making the public cloud a viable option for companies to provision a complex build-test-deploy environment outside of their own firewalls," said Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud. "With our Software Production Management solutions, customers can tap internal and external cloud environments on demand to eliminate overhead and reduce IT costs."

Since 2004, Electric Cloud has been helping its customers build private clouds using physical and virtual machine resources to automate, accelerate and analyze build and test processes for the purposes of reducing costs and shortening development cycles. Electric Cloud has routinely provisioned private compute clouds with hundreds of physical or virtual machines. This has given the company unique expertise in solving the scalability, manageability and security issues inherent in public cloud computing.

According to Theresa Lanowitz, founder and CEO of industry analyst firm voke, inc., there is an increase in interest for external cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, among both SMBs and large enterprises, which are all seeking leaner application environments for faster and more flexible delivery of products and services that internal computing assets may not be able to match. "Economic factors are driving organizations to do more with less. Organizations are exploring public, private and hybrid cloud solutions to optimize resources. The build and test cycle is a great fit for using external clouds and virtual labs because software production teams require significant server resources for short amounts of time," added Lanowitz. "Rather than own and maintain those resources, it usually makes more sense to lease them on an as-needed basis. This helps manage resources effectively across the lifecycle and increase productivity. Our statistics show that organizations with effective Software Production Management solutions can increase productivity by a factor of 15 times."

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