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Eight-Socket Blade Server

NeoScale Systems CryptoStor KeyVault
NeoScale Systems is beta-testing a new appliance for managing the keys used to encrypt data archived to tape or to off-site data centers, and for making those keys available for sharing across multiple sites for disaster recovery and replication. Rather than leaving the management of enterprise encryption keys to complex, error-prone manual operations, CryptoStor KeyVault automates all essential key-lifecycle activities. Security managers decide when and where keys should be made available and create "trust relationships" to automate their decisions. Once activated, these relationships automatically ensure key availability and user authentication. The keys can be generated by NeoScale encryption appliances or by similar appliances from other vendors. CryptoStor KeyVault is expected to be available next quarter. Approximately $25,000.

Fujitsu Primergy BX630
Fujitsu has unveiled its eight-socket blade server powered by dual-core AMD Opteron processors, providing the flexibility to scale infrastructure up and out in a single chassis. The Primergy blade server lets all components of an enterprise infrastructure--from network edge devices to back-end databases--be housed in a chassis. Individual blades can be upgraded to more powerful servers as needed. Packed with dual-core AMD Opteron processors, the system becomes a 16-core machine, giving customers the flexibility to move high-end applications and database processing to the blade platform. It will be available later this quarter. $36,000.

IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition 9.1
IBM has expanded its business intelligence offerings, unveiling a new version of its data warehouse system. DB2 Data Warehouse Edition 9.1 is the first release to provide complete integration of the DB2 Universal Database with IBM's data mining and analytical tools, DB2 Alphablox tools for developing custom applications with embedded analytics, WebSphere app server, and other software. Pricing starts at $29,500 per CPU for the base edition and $60,000 per CPU for the enterprise edition.

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