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The Ebbers Sentence: You Decide

The trial of former WorldCom chief Bernie Ebbers will be talked about for years to come. But a debate rages over how much punishment he should receive for the nine counts of fraud in the $11 billion collapse of WorldCom.

The 63 year-old Ebbers now faces a maximum sentence of 85 years in the slammer, although his legal team have said that they will appeal last weeks verdict (see Ebbers Is Appealing).

In the meantime, the victims, WorldCom's investors, are still chasing down all the players that propped up WorldCom and its myth.

Late last week, New York's State Comptroller, Alan Hevesi, and WorldCom underwriter J.P. Morgan Securities agreed to a $2 billion settlement for the firm's role in the largest securities fraud class case action in history.

If the J.P. Morgan settlement and several prior settlements are approved by the courts, some $6,001,600,000 will have been recovered in settlements so far, Hevesi's office says.

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