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Dynamic Solutions Issues TapeManager 8

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Dynamic Solutions International (DSI), a leading international provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services for businesses and enterprises, today announced the availability of its next-generation software application, TapeManager 8. This releasethe result of extensive research and development—is a more robust software application that simplifies operations and provides enhanced flexibility and data protection.

DSI’s TapeManager 8 software features a future-proof design and can integrate with virtual tape libraries, automated library systems and stand alone tape drives. As a media management system designed to work exclusively with Unisys MCP- and MCPvm-based hosts, DSI’s TapeManager 8 is completely scalable to fit any capacity requirements.

Highlights of TapeManager 8 Include:

A graphical user interface (GUI) – Provides improved management and greater flexibility.

Policy management enhancements – Improves control and provides advanced data protection.

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