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Dynamic Layered Data Center Security

Despite our best intentions, strong network security remains an elusive goal. Threats, worms, and viruses keep spreading, becoming ever more sophisticated and invasive.

To compound this challenge, there is a baffling array of security products available. Users are required to cobble together a best-effort solution that will balance the sometimes conflicting goals of making information accessible and securing the network from attacks.

A recent poll by IDG's CSO Magazine revealed that a majority (52 percent) of security executives are only somewhat confident” that their security efforts are effective. Clearly, securing the data center network requires a new and better approach.

Layered security has proven to provide the most comprehensive protection. By reinforcing the perimeter with layers of firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems, a layered security strategy protects and isolates critical assets, and helps to contain attacks and limit damage.

Most organizations haven’t implemented layered security, because it is expensive and difficult to manage. With each new layer of security they add, organizations incur costs to purchase and install new firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

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