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Dot Hill Systems Qualifies STEC Solid State Drives

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Dot Hill Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:HILL) , a world-class provider of entry-level and midrange storage solutions for OEMs and resellers, today announced that Dot Hill is now shipping solid state disk (SSD) drives from STEC, a leading global provider of SSD technology solutions, for use in its iSCSI, SAS and Fibre Channel arrays.

With native SAS drive-attach, STEC drives offer a compelling solution for Dot Hill's first-to-market arrays with twenty four 2.5-inch drives. With no moving parts, SSDs provide fast access time and low latency compared to conventional hard drives. They are used to enable high performance caching in tiered storage applications and high availability storage in military applications such as mobile computing where substantial vibration or motion could cause damage to traditional SATA or SAS hard drives. Further, SSDs are more rugged than hard disks, operate silently, and can tolerate a broader range of environmental conditions and altitudes. For these reasons, early adopters of SSDs in RAID arrays have included military, government, and telecommunications customers.

"STEC leverages 15 years of knowledge and experience to deliver the industry's most comprehensive line of solid state drives," said Manouch Moshayedi, chairman and chief executive officer of STEC. "Understanding the needs of ruggedized storage systems and the suitability of SSDs for those applications, we are excited about driving SSD adoption beyond the conventional enterprise usage models to create new and exciting avenues for growth of our SSDs. Coupled with Dot Hill's extensive experience in delivering innovative RAID technology for mobile military applications, our two companies are poised to deliver best-of-breed, ruggedized storage solutions that meet the numerous demands of this important market."

"The modular architecture of Dot Hill arrays allows us to deliver high-performance, scalable storage solutions that are implemented in the harshest of environments," said Andy Mills, vice president of marketing and business development, Dot Hill. "Utilizing STEC's line of highly dependable SSDs, we are now able to offer the market an entirely new level of reliability for the most challenging conditions. Dot Hill has provided storage to government and military applications for many years and we are pleased to further expand on this legacy."

Specific Dot Hill arrays qualified and now shipping with STEC drives include Dot Hill 2322, 2332 iSCSI, 2522, 2532 SAS, and 2722, 2732 Fibre Channel RAID arrays.

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