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Does WebOS = Virtualization?

An Indy-based independent consultant I know turned me on to Stoneware, makers of a webOS, not the heavy stuff your mother-in-law collects. Will they break into the desktop virt market?
While it might not be the "next evolution of desktop virtualization" as promised per Stoneware's marketing materials, the company's webOS does a pretty good job of delivering a user desktop via a Web browser. I played with a demo desktop hosted from the company's server. Response and feel were similar to a Citrix Web session.

My overall impression: Not bad for something built on Web 2.0.

You can check out the demo here.

I've got to say no matter how often I do it, it still feels weird pulling up an Access client on a Mac. All MS apps in the demo space ran fine from a Firefox session on Mac OS X and on a four-year-old Dell running IE 6. I personally prefer to live with XP via Fusion or Parallels for daily work that requires Windows, but Stoneware's Ajax-based solution seems to have hit all the usual benefits of "served" desktops, including a claim of over a thousand hosted guests per server.

The feature list:

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