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Desktop Management

Most suites are modular, so you can negotiate out functionality you don't need. Vector Networks offers at least 39 different software combinations, each with its own price. You can skip the suite and get solo inventory-scan products, such as Tally Systems' 30-day free trial of its WebCensus for 100 nodes. Trouble is you must manually engage the scans from each user's PC rather than schedule recurring scans. The inventory database is not accessible, so you can't write your own queries and reports.

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• Introduction

• Desktop Management

• Desktop Security

• Patch Management

• Protocol Analyzers
• Network Monitoring

• Network Configuration

• Storage
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• All-In-One Gateways
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• E-Mail

• Web Servers
• Load Balancers
• Remote Access Security

You can also outsource desktop management. The philosophy here is that off-loading the mundane but ever more complicated task of maintaining your desktops will free up people to manage your core business. For small and midsize companies, outsourcing may make more sense than buying a suite or building a system. Regardless of the size of your business, desktop-management service providers such as CenterBeam and Everdream boast that their expertise will help you plan better for the future.

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