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Dell Hoping Hypervisor Will Open Up Desktop Linux Market

Dell's new spin on virtualization offers a variant to current client-side applications such as VMware's Workstation, but with Workstation's cross-platform capability, it begs the question as to how relevant this effort can be in opening up the Linux desktop market - even in the enterprise.

One big advantage to the Hypervisor, as in the server virtualization market, is the reduction in overhead compared to having a Windows (or Linux) host. This may allow more virtual machines (VMs) to run concurrently, but at the client-side, how many does one need? Dell also does not indicate how the various VMs are managed or deployed in this scenario. Nevertheless, it seems that neither one addresses a more expedient and proven mechanism for enterprise Linux adoption. VMs are indeed a great way to safely and slowly introduce operating systems other than Windows to the business community, however this introduction doesn't necessarily need more technology options thrown at

Plenty of vendors are jumping into the virtualization marketplace, so it will be interesting if Dell is able to garner a following with this approach, especially if the sole purpose is to help break open the enterprise Linux market.

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The Corporate Push Into Virtual Worlds
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