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Dell Formally Unveils AMD-Based Servers

Dell brought out its biggest gun at Oracle Open World conference to officially launch its first AMD Opteron-based servers.

Michael Dell took the stage in San Francisco to formally unveil PowerEdge 6950 four-socket servers and PowerEdge SC1435 two-socket rack-optimized servers based on dual-core AMD Opteron processors.

The high-end machines will play well in heavily virtualized environments and are suited for transitioning customers from RISC Unix machines to standards based machines, Dell said. "We like that transition," Dell told a few thousand attendees of Oracle's annual conference.

The move has been expected since May, when Dell originally said it planned to start shipping Opteron-based servers.

That decision followed the company's acquisition of high-end game PC maker Alienware which had a long-term AMD relationship and which gave Dell a back door into the AMD world without risking its relationship with its long-term exclusive processor supplier Intel.

Dell in August also unveiled plans to release AMD processor-based Dimension PCs.

The new servers are aimed at making it as easy as possible for customers to deploy, a Dell spokesperson said.

To that end, the servers include a programmable LCD that allows easy diagnosis of server faults, individually-labeled hard drives, color-coded components such as orange for hot-swappable and blue for customer-serviceable, tool-less access to server components, and technology to reduce the number of server image changes a customer has to manage, the spokesperson said.

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