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De-Dupe Suppliers Aim Lower

Data Domain is attempting to push de-duplication into remote offices with the launch of its DD120 device today, and rival Diligent is planning to launch its own offering in this space later this year.

Touted by Data Domain as the smallest-ever "full-function de-dupe system," the DD120 is meant for corporate outposts. "We're not positioning this for small businesses, we're positioning this for small offices and branch offices of larger companies," says Brian Biles, Data Domain's vice president of product marketing. "It does everything our existing systems do, it's just smaller."

The 1U DD120 has a physical capacity of 750 Gbytes, although this can equal up to 18 Tbytes of logical data by using de-duplication, according to Biles. Data Domain's Replicator software, which is only offered as an optional add-on for the vendor's other products, comes standard on the DD120.

"That allows you to connect over a WAN to another Data Domain system," says Biles, explaining that this can be used to share data between multiple devices for "cross-site de-duplication."

Data Domain's previous low-end device, the 3U DD510, had a physical capacity of 3.75 Tbytes and a logical capacity of up to 135 Tbytes. The DD510 was also much faster than the newcomer, transferring data at up to 290 Gbytes an hour, compared to the DD120's 150 Gbytes an hour.

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