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DataDirect Networks: CEO Interview

11:20 AM -- I recently had a chance to sit and chat with the CEO and co-founder of DataDirect Networks Inc. , Alex Bouzari. Over a cup of coffee, we discussed customer value propositions, storage growth, competition, green technologies, and what keeps us both up at night. Heres the gist of our conversation:

What is the core value proposition of DataDirect Networks' Storage Solutions?

Since 2000, we have introduced eight consecutive generations of storage solutions specifically designed to address the different data patterns associated with unstructured data. What is unstructured data? It’s a fundamental paradigm shift that has taken place and has completely changed the nature of data. It is images, streaming video, audio, attachments. It is content and objects as opposed to random bits and bytes of data. It is Generation Xbox -- not Generation Airline Reservation System.

Companies that demand extreme performance for their large content files rely on DataDirect Networks, as we provide data infrastructure solutions that can store and deliver massive amounts of content with the highest performance in the industry. Unstructured data environments today represent 85 percent of all the data that is being created in the world. Others focus primarily on structured data. However, what was once the domain of a select few government high-performance computing environments is now prevalent in mainstream environments. Our S2A storage platforms now provide the data backbone for the most content-intensive, unstructured data environments in the world, including Slide Inc., Xbox Love, AOL, and Warner Bros. Studios.

Why do customers choose DataDirect Networks?

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