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DataCore Intros UpTempo

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Leading storage virtualization vendor DataCore Software today announced that it has released new versions of its UpTempo performance accelerators, which are designed to dramatically boost the performance of Microsoft Windows Server Platforms and their applications. The server versions of UpTempo can dramatically speed up Microsoft Exchange, SQL Databases, Virtual Servers, Citrix, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) and other File and Disk I/O Intensive Windows Server Applications. UpTempo dramatically speeds up applications by making the computer system read and write data to its disk drives more efficiently. It does this by overcoming today's biggest performance barrier – data input/output (I/O) bottlenecks resulting from slow, mechanical, disk accesses – the most common cause of server and desktop application underperformance. List prices for UpTempo start at $49 for XP systems and $498 for Windows 2003 Server systems. Trial software is available for download at

According to George Teixeira, CEO and president, DataCore Software, “Time is money and UpTempo can save you time! UpTempo software adds intelligence and predictive, self-learning caching algorithms to speed up workloads and maximize I/O throughput. UpTempo improves response times, maximizes system utilization and dramatically enhances user productivity providing a high Return on Investment (ROI).”

The server performance problem and the widening I/O gap

CPU advances have followed Moore’s law for many years – now roughly doubling in speed every 18 months. Memory technologies have gained ground almost as quickly. In sharp contrast, hard drives have taken over 10 years to double in speed. This widening gap in performance makes the rotational and seek time latency of hard drives the biggest performance bottleneck in modern computers.

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