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A Data Reduction Dossier

If your data center were a waistline, it would probably pinch mightily (and we bet you'd have to leave that top button undone too).

Compression technologies have been around for awhile, but what else can you do to reduce data overload? Byte and Switch has scoured the industry to come up with the top tips for data reduction:

Size Up Storage

Any reduction of unnecessary data begins with working out exactly what you have in the way of storage. This may be easier said than done, particularly if data storage is spread across a number of national, or even global, sites.

Sometimes, taking stock of storage turns up areas where cuts can be made. "For every 1 Tbyte of primary storage, there's [potentially] 10 Tbytes of secondary storage," claims Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group consultancy.

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