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Data Domain Speeds Up In-Line De-Duplication

Data Domain has unveiled a new top-end system it claims substantially raises the bar for in-line data de-duplication.

The DD690, announced today, will de-duplicate data at up to 170 Mbytes per second per single-stream backup job, says the vendor. This compares with up to 160 Mbyte/s for a single-stream job using Data Domain's DD580 system, the former high end of the vendor's roster.

The DD690 features a useable disk capacity (raw capacity minus what will be allocated to RAID, sparing, and so forth) of up to 35.3 Tbytes, compared with up to 21 Tbytes of useable capacity for the DD580.

These performance increases may seem modest to the cynical eye, but Data Domain is intent on one-upping competitors' claims while taking aim at the enterprise customers that haven't so far bellied up to Data Domain.

Up to now, for instance, Diligent (now part of IBM), has claimed a greater attraction for enterprise customers while boasting data ingestion rates of 200 Mbyte/s. Other competitors, such as Exagrid, claim it's faster to de-duplicate data after it is backed up (post processing) instead of de-duping on the fly, as Data Domain and Diligent do.

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