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Data Domain Bows OpenStorage Option

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Data Domain (Nasdaq: DDUP), the leading provider of deduplication storage systems for disk backup and network-based disaster recovery, today announced that it is shipping the Data Domain OpenStorage software option, its first product in support of the new Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API by Symantec. IT administrators utilizing Data Domain storage systems in conjunction with Veritas NetBackup 6.5 will benefit from new levels of management simplicity and flexibility.

Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage disk option is designed to allow administrators to easily manage key elements of Data Domain operation from within the NetBackup interface. Additionally, NetBackup eliminates the system management overhead of virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and their associated provisioning of imaginary tape drives, slots and cartridges.

"Veritas NetBackup 6.5 OpenStorage API presents a radical idea: What if there could be an interface between an advanced backup application and an advanced disk-based storage infrastructure, where both could leverage each others capabilities?" said Brian Biles, vice president of product management at Data Domain. "It could be simpler and much more feature-rich than a VTL interface, and NetBackup operators could use best practices to manage combined interactions more directly. Data Domain is very excited to be the first to market with storage products that integrate well with OST, and we look forward to many future possibilities in this partnership."

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